Past Evening Lectures


Tina Young Choi  (Department of English, York University)  “Journeys Through Space and Time: Geography and Narrative in Victorian Railway Guides”

Keith Wilson (Deptartment of English, University of Ottawa)  “Thomas Hardy as Correspondent: Volume Eight of the Collected Letters,”

Mark Knight  (Department of English, University of Toronto)  “Proclaiming Go(o)d Words: Religion and the Novel in a Mid-Victorian Periodical”


Jennifer Esmail (Department of English and Film Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University)  “‘I wonder what a chimpanzee would say to this?’: Primate Perspective in the Victorian Evolutionary Debates”


Jurgen Kramer (English and American Studies, University of Dortmund)  “Not a warrior, but a Worrier Ghost: A Reading of Henry James’s ‘Sir Edmund Orme’”

Sukeshi Kamra (English, Carleton University)  “Arresting Publics: Law and the Periodical Press in India, 1857-1910”

Susan Brown (English, University of Guelph)  “The Agency of the Letter: Mary Barton and Text Technologies”

Alison Syme (Art History, University of Toronto)  “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ladybird”

Lauren Gillingham (English, University of Ottawa)  “Fashioning the Contemporary as History in Silver-Fork and Sensation Fiction”


Cannon Schmitt (English, University of Toronto)  “Tidal Conrad”


Alison Halsall (English, York University)  “‘A Parade of Curiosities’: Neo-Victorianism in the Contemporary Graphic Novel”

Stephen Heathorn (History, McMaster University)  “The Absent Site of Memory: The Cawnpore Memorial Well, Empire Pilgrimage and the Commemoration of the 1857 Indian Mutiny”


Suzanne Waldman (English, Carleton University)  “Revisioning Dante’s Erotics: Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Illustrations of Dante’s La Vita Nuova”

Suzanne Bailey (English, Trent University)  “‘Thought Without Words’; or, What Do Sir Francis Galton and Robert Browning Have in Common?”

Anne Clendinning (History, Nipissing University)  ” ‘A Most Disgusting Offensive Liquor’: Urban Pollution and the Victorian Gas Industry”


Gisela Argyle (Humanities, York University)  “From Female Life-Writing to Male Fiction: George Meredith’s Tragic Comedians and Diana of the Crossways”

Ann Gagne (English, University of Western Ontario)  “Framing it with Her Hands: Touching George Egerton’s ‘Gone Under'”

Alexandra Kimball (English, University of Western Ontario)  “‘A Pandemonium of Posters’: Advertising Sensation in the New Journalism”

M. Daniel Martin (English, University of Western Ontario)  “The Pleasures of Imminent Disaster: Thrill Rides and British Imperialism from the Big Wheel to the London Eye”

Cecilia Morgan (OISE, University of Toronto)  “Imperial Culture and Victorian Spectacle Canadian Tourists in Britain”


Bernard Lightman (Humanities, York University)  “Scientific Authorship at Century’s End: Rambles with Radiant Suns and Extinct Monsters”

Lorraine Janzen Kooistra (English, Ryerson University)  “The Illustrated Gift Book as ‘a branch of national industry’ or, Why is Poetry Like a Cotton Mill?”

Janice Schroeder (English, Carleton University)  “Self Teaching: Mary Carpenter, Public Speech, and the Discipline of Deliquency”


Christine Sypnowich (Philosophy, Queen’s University)  “Morris and the Aesthetic Road to Equality”

William Whitla (Humanities, York University)  “The Albert Memorial: Art and Imperialism”

Lesley Higgins (English, York University)  “Hopkins: Confessing the Flesh”


Wayne Morgan (Popular Culture, Museum Curator)  “Brownies Now Seldom Idle Stand”

Fred Hall (Music, McMaster University)  “Nostalgia, Temperance, and War: Canadian Songs for the Parlour and Stage”

David Kent (English, Centennial College)  “Christina Rossetti’s Notes on Genesis and Exodus”


Lynn McDonald (History, University of Guelph)  “New Scholarship on Florence Nightingale: The Uses of a ‘Collected Edition'”

Dennis Denisoff (English, Ryerson University)  “Sexual Visuality in Novels by Mary Elizabeth Braddon and Dinah Mullock”

Christine Bolus-Reichert (English, University of Toronto)  “William Morris’s Revision of the Picturesque”


Caroline Roberts (History, University of Toronto)  “Sex and Somnambulism: Mesmerism, Hysteria and the Medical Profession in Victorian England”

Elizabeth Miller (English, Memorial University)  “Break a Fang: Bram Stoker, Dracula, and the Victorian Stage”

George Elliott Clarke (English, University of Toronto)  “Reading the ‘Canadian’ Slave Narrative”


E. Warwick Slinn (Massey University, New Zealand)  “Victorian Poetry as Cultural Performative”

David Wright (History of Medicine, McMaster)  “Being Insane in Sane Places: Victorian Society and the Rise of the Lunatic Asylum”

Christopher Keep (English, Western Ontario)  “‘A Certain Expansion of Her Consciousness’: The Gendering of Telegraphy in the Nineteenth Century”